COREA, Chick.


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Circus Krone, Munich May 1986 concert poster

Original first printing concert poster advertising American jazz and fusion pianist Chick Corea at the Circus Krone in Munich [Germany] on Thursday, 8th May, 1986, in support of the Chick Corea Elektric Band album, the eponymous debut album of the Chick Corea Elektric Band, which at that time also featured drummer Dave Weckl, bass player John Patitucci and guitarists Scott Henderson and Carlos Rios. This album can be described as “jazz-rock”, though it is much closer to traditional jazz than the jazz-rock albums of the 1970s. The keyboard sounds on the album are typical for the mid-1980s. The drums played by Dave Weckl dominate the album’s sound, with the guitar duties split between Scott Henderson and Carlos Rios.

The poster measures 59.2 x 83.9 cm and is beautifully printed on thin, matte-coated paper stock. In near excellent unfolded condition. Additional photos available on request.