ARMSTRONG, Louis + McRAE, Carmen.


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Stuttgart+Munich: Jazz Podium #1  January 1963

Original January 1963 issue of the German jazz monthly Jazz Podium with trumpeter Louis Armstrong (1901—1971) and jazz singer Carmen McRae (1920—1994) on the front cover. Photo of Armstrong and McRae credited to Siegfried H. Mohr. Also in this issue: American Folk Blues Festival, Duke Ellington, Americans in Europe, and Sonny Criss. Founded by the president of the German Jazz Federation, Dieter Zimmerle in 1952, Jazz Podium is Germany’s premiere jazz monthly. The first issue was published in Vienna in September 1952, but Stuttgart soon became the magazine’s headquarters. It was Zimmerle’s hope that jazz in Germany would be carried by people whose love for music was strong enough not to be fooled by external resistance. Indeed Zimmerle himself never made any money with the magazine. Jazz Podium is still in print and still thrives on this kind of idealism, with its nearly one hundred freelancers working on a voluntary basis.

20.8 x 29.6 cm, 24 pp. Trimmed paper wrapper, staple bound. All text in German. In excellent unmarked condition. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have concerning this item. Additional images of the magazine available on request.


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