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Berlin, Germany: Schlagzeug #2 February 1959.

Original February 1959 issue of the German jazz magazine “Schlagzeug” (trans. “drums”) with the great Louis Armstrong (1901—1971) on the front cover. This issue contains the articles “Vom Swing zum Progressiven Jazz”, “Wir baritone den Befall”, and “Der Swing I’m Bratenrock”. Also in this issue:  Ernestine Anderson, Armand Gordon, Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson, Velma Middleton, Jimmy Rushing, and more. Schlagzeug was a collectible but short-lived German jazz magazine, crammed with news, reviews, pictures and adverts. Published in Berlin during the late 1950’s.

15.3 x 21.6 mm, 36 pp. Trimmed paper wrapper, staple bound. All text in German. In excellent unmarked condition. Additional photos available on request.


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