BECHET, Sidney.

Product Description

April 1958 German concert tour poster

Original first printing concert poster designed to promote American jazz saxophonist and clarinetist Sidney Bechet’s April 1958 German tour, presented by Lucien Beaumier, and accompanied by André Reweliotty and His Orchestra, which at the time featured American drummer Kansas Fields. Tired of the music scene in the United States, Bechet relocated to France in 1950 after performing as a soloist at the Paris Jazz Fair. His performance at the fair resulted in a surge in his popularity and Bechet had little problem finding well-paid work in France. In 1953, he signed a recording contract with French Vogue, which lasted for the rest of his life. He recorded many hit tunes, including “Les Oignons”, “Promenade aux Champ Elysees,” and the international hit “Petite Fleur”. Bechet died in Paris from lung cancer on 14th May, 1959, on his 62nd birthday. Shortly before his death, he dictated his poetic autobiography, Treat It Gentle.

Printed by Müller-Druck, Jlvesheim, with the printer’s imprint to the bottom right corner. The poster measures 59.8 x 41.6 cm and is beautifully printed on thin, uncoated paper stock. In excellent unfolded condition, bright and unmarked. Additional photos available on request.



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