GARNER, Erroll.


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Philharmonie, Berlin May 1971 concert flyer

Original double-sided first printing concert flyer advertising American jazz pianist and composer Erroll Garner (1921–1977) at the Philharmonie in Berlin [Germany] on Wednesday, 12th May, 1971, accompanied by bongo player José Mangual, bassist Ernest McCarty, and drummer Jimmie Smith. Born in Pittsburgh in 1921, Erroll Garner was one of the most distinctive of all jazz pianists, proving that it was possible to be a sophisticated player without knowing how to read music. A brilliant virtuoso who sounded unlike anyone else, on medium tempo pieces, Garner often stated the beat with his left hand like a rhythm guitar while his right played chords slightly behind the beat, creating a memorable effect. His playful free-form introductions, his ability to play stunning runs without once glancing at the keyboard, his grunting, and the pure joy that he displayed while performing were also part of the Erroll Garner magic. Garner died from lung cancer on 2nd January, 1977.

The flyer measures 18.2 x 25.7 cm (approx. 7.1″ by 10.1″ inches) and is beautifully printed on thin, coated paper stock. In excellent unfolded and unmarked condition. Additional images of the flyer available on request.



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