DE PLATA, Manitas.


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De Montfort Hall, Leicester November 1968 concert flyer

Original first printing concert poster advertising flamenco guitarist Manitas de Plata at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester [England] on Sunday, 10th November, 1968, accompanied by Hyppolite Balliardo, Manero Balliardo, and Ricardo Bissaro, and presented by Arthur Kimbrell by arrangement with International Light Entertainment. Manitas de Plata (“Little Hands of Silver” in Spanish) only agreed to play in public ten years after the death of Django Reinhardt, unanimously considered the king of gypsy guitarists. One of his recordings earned him a letter from Jean Cocteau, acclaiming him as a creator. And upon hearing him play at Arles in 1964, Pablo Picasso is said to have exclaimed “that man is of greater worth than I am!” and proceeded to draw on the guitar. Manitas de Plata died in a retirement home in Montpellier on 6th November, 2014.

The flyer measures 19.3 x 26.1 cm and is printed in red and black inks on thin, coated paper stock. Complete with the original postal booking form still intact. In excellent unfolded and unmarked condition. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have concerning this item. Additional images of the flyer available on request.


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