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Deutsches Museum, Munich April 1985 concert poster (Anon.)

Original first printing concert poster advertising The Modern Jazz Quartet at the Deutsches Museum in Munich [Germany] on Tuesday, 23rd April, 1985, presented by Karsten Jahnke. Established in 1952, the Modern Jazz Quartet performed over a 40-year span. For the majority of their career, the group was composed of John Lewis (piano and musical director), Milt Jackson (vibraphone), Percy Heath (double bass) and Connie Kay (drums). Under Lewis’ leadership, they carved their own niche by specializing in elegant, restrained music that used sophisticated counterpoint, yet nonetheless retained a strong blues feel. Noted for their elegant presentation, they were one of the first small jazz combos to perform in concert halls rather than nightclubs. Lewis firmly believed that J.S. Bach and the blues were compatible, combining classical form with jazz improvisation and polyphony. When vibraphonist Milt Jackson departed from the group in 1974 due to creative disagreement and frustration with their busy touring schedule, the MJQ ceased to play until the early 1980s when they began reuniting periodically. They released their final recording in 1993. When drummer Connie Kay died in November 1994 the group stopped reuniting; five years later in October 1999 Milt Jackson died, followed by pianist John Lewis in March 2001 and bassist Percy Heath in April 2005.

The poster measures 83.9 x 59.2 cm (approx. 33 by 23.3 inches) and is printed on thin, coated paper stock. In excellent unfolded and unmarked condition. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have concerning this item. Additional images of the poster available on request.


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